You know that feeling when you're striking out for a new destination – that sense of wonder and discovery and adventure that quivers right beneath your skin? I try to do that every time I leave my house. Every day a new horizon awaits, you just have to open your eyes! 


I'm an award-winning writer, photographer and Morocco expert. I am the author and principal photographer of the Moon Travel Guides: Morocco as well as hundreds of other articles, photos and videos for magazines and websites around the world. I curate and edit the Journey Beyond Travel blog and sometimes keep a daddy blog, Papa Parisian, which I try (and often fail) to update as much as possible with helpful info and funny, sometimes heartwarming stories about navigating The City of Light with my toddling son.

I grew up in Seattle and have lived in different parts of the US, from San Francisco to Key West. Since 2009 I have been living overseas — first in Morocco where I spent six years in a village on a mountain – and now Paris, where I am currently based, living with my talented, patient, superhero wife and our two year-old, dinosaur-loving, fromage-stuffing, class-clowning, über-precocious Batman-in-training.

These days, I spend about half of the year in Paris, a few months in Morocco, and then another month or so traveling the world. You can listen in to my story of how I got here with Zero to Travel on their podcast or read the interview with my old alma mater, the University of Washington.

Everyday has moments worth sharing
We’ve had Lucas on several of our tours. The writing and photography work he has done for us has always been punctual, professional and incredible.
— Fazia Farrook, CEO, Journey Beyond Travel