Lucas M. Peters


Moon Morocco, a Moon Travel Guide for Morocco. Forthcoming Fall 2015, Avalon Publishing.
"The Original World Wide Web" in The Writer in the World
Interview with Dear English Major
"Or the Evening Redness in the West" in The Pitkin Review, Fall 2013
"Over War and Bloodshed" in The Escaped
"Vacation" in Creative Nonfiction, Issue 49. (Micro-Essay)
"A Better Life" in Toska Magazine
"Literary Boroughs: Asilah, Morocco" in Ploughshares
"Living in the Streets of Crocodiles" in The Pitkin Review
"Book Review: The Last Storytellers by Richard Hamilton" for Journey Beyond Travel
Fez in World Literature: Selected Essays (Editing, Layout and Design)
"The Greatest First Sentences of the Greatest Novels of All Time" in The Newer York
"Get Smart: Lose the Shoes" in Barefoot US
"The Illuminated Nights in Gold Never Heal" in Manastash 17
"The Dialogic Sphere and the Grotesque Body of Beloved" in Quest
Dave Eggers: Escaping the Postmodern from Lambert Academic Publishing, click link to download the .pdf for free


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About Lucas M. Peters

Lucas M. Peters has essays and stories with Creative Nonfiction, Ploughshares, The Newer York, The Pitkin Review, Toska Magazine and various other websites, magazines and fora.

He also moonlights as a travel writer. His latest work, the forthcoming Moon Morocco Travel Guide, will be published in November, 2015. He has also written the "The Hidden Cities of Morocco," a travel series appearing with Journey Beyond Travel, and has been a consultant for The Travel Channel.

He lived in Morocco from 2009-15 and now lives with his wife and cat in Paris. He holds an MFA from Goddard College, MA from Central Washington University and BA from The University of Washington.

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